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facilitator biography courageous leaders - peter bradley

Prof. Peter Bradley has worked in senior public health positions for about 20 years, including over a decade as director of public health.  He has held several high profile leadership positions and has managed everything from small teams to large departments with hundreds of staff located in different geographic sites. He now works as director of health intelligence in Public Health England with honorary posts in University of Swansea, Cambridge and City Universities.

After medical training he first worked in child health and general practice, then worked in public health in England, Wales and Norway in local government, NHS and civil service. He has a particular interest in leadership and how to increase the impact of public health actions.

Jan and Peter have worked and taught together for around 10 years and feedback from previous course participants shows that having two facilitators, both with lots of leadership and teaching experience but across a wide range of different settings, adds huge value to the learning process for participants.

More public health skills

PHAST is a leading public health consultancy with expertise in epidemiology, health economics, health/environmental impact & needs assessments and equity audits.

For bigger projects where more reources are needed, JYA works with PHAST to source the expertise you need.


A good book

Essential public health theory and practice

How can society most effectively prevent disease and promote health? This is the challenge addressed by this textbook. Public health has been defined as the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society. The 'science' is concerned with making a diagnosis of a population's health problems, establishing their cause, and determining effective interventions. The 'art' is to address these problems creatively. The aim of this book is to capture both the art and the science of the field.

A great app

Best evidence

A clean, simple app which is currently in alpha testing phase. Do you want to know if the FODMAP diet works? Do you need to find what works for seasonal allergies? Bestevidence.info gives you a quick list of available evidence, on the go.