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A course to help you drive your own leadership journey


This course is for you if you:

  • Work in a resource constrained environment and need to fit your leadership development into limited time and money

  • Sometimes find leadership theory dry and want to work out how to make your own style of leadership work in real life

  • Want to expand your range of skills in a safe space and work out how to adapt your leadership to suit the range of situations senior leaders face

  • Want to empower others to make a difference to the things that matter

  • Want to learn with others, share experiences and build a community of peer problem solvers

  • Want to learn from experienced leaders, on a course which has been developed based on theory and experience and independently evaluated

 How does it work?

Working in a small, multidisciplinary cohort, facilitated by at least two senior leaders and educators with experience across a range of settings, you will work on problems that matter to you.

By providing a safe space for feedback, reflection and challenge, modified to meet your personal needs, we promise to enable you to be the driver on your own leadership journey.

Each course is designed specifically to meet your needs but typically includes problem based learning, case studies and simulation. A range of leadership models and theories will be taught and adapted to meet your own needs via practical examples.

during this course you will:

Gain confidence and resilience

Develop leadership impact

Find a sustainable approach to personal leadership development

Be yourself and tap into your inner resources as a leader

Practice new skills in a safe environment

Become better able to lead courageously in work and other settings

Work with like minded colleagues and form a digital community to share problems and solutions

Building a course based on your needs

All our courses are created individually, based on the issues you want to tackle and the way you like to learn.

Two key texts are required which contain a number of theoretical frameworks for use in the course. Further resources will be uploaded to an accessible Dropbox file, open only to participants

We then collect (anonymously) the issues you want to work on and build the course content around them.

To the left of this page you can see a typical course schedule and some examples of common leadership challenges that participants bring to share with the group.

Or download a typical schedule here.

You can also download a printable course flyer here.

facilitator biography - prof peter bradley

Jan is working with Prof. Peter Bradley to facilitate this course which they have designed based on theory and experience. Peter has worked in senior public health positions for about 20 years, including over a decade as director of public health.  He has held several high profile leadership positions and has managed everything from small teams to large departments with hundreds of staff located in different geographic sites. He now works as director of health intelligence in Public Health England with honorary posts in University of Swansea, Cambridge and City Universities.

After medical training he first worked in child health and general practice, then worked in public health in England, Wales and Norway in local government, NHS and civil service. He has a particular interest in leadership and how to increase the impact of public health actions.

Jan and Peter have worked and taught together for around 10 years and have different styles and experiences to share. Feedback from previous course participants shows that having two facilitators adds huge value to the learning process for participants.

Biographies for both Jan and Peter can be downloaded here.

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Leading like geese

Leadership is a shared journey, it’s easier when we collaborate, encourage each other, take it in turns and help everyone when they fall.